Our product

Our primary goal was to create a device that is capable of purifying solar panels and other similar flat surfaces, additionally eco-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective, and of course meets the regulatory standards as well. Our team that has a strong technical background (prodsp.hu, bogarworks.hu, granasy.hu) has appointed the direction of development – that searched for a solution of the problems of cleaning the panels of today’s typically structured industrial solar farms  – after discussions with industry experts and several study tours. The result of several years of research was the creation of the patent protected Solar Farm Cleaner Robot, in 2012, which has attracted the attention of the solar farms’ operators even back in the period of planning. Our Solar Panel Cleaner Robot only requires a minimalized amount of water, a small place to store and can be operated at low energy costs. This multifunctional tool can be transported easily and its use is extremely cost effective. The foundation of our device is our proprietary cleaning roller that cleans surfaces easily in a wide zone with the assistance of a special microfiber cloth. The device is autonomous, its operation does not require any water or energy supply hoses, and therefore, it is perfectly suitable for cleaning even at those places where electricity or water supply is not resolved.


For further technical details or request for quotation please contact us directly at info@solarfarmcleaning.com